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Driven by software, expandable by hardware, limitless by nature. For riders and developers.

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Robotics Meets Rideable

Moboster navigates through sensors and software

All maneuvering is done by receiving commands from a paired Bluetooth Controller, eliminating the need for physical operations or skills. Riders no longer have to worry about keeping themselves balanced, just relax and go.

Moboster stays leveled to the ground so it won’t wobble or tip over.

3 Speed
Remote Control

Walk Run Cycling

Adjust speed limits on the go with three different settings: walk, run and cycling speed. No more worrying about going too fast on crowded streets or too slow on open roads, you'll have total control at your fingertips.

Quick Snap

Cruise Control

Easily attach your remote onto the Moboster and charge it through the built-in USB outlet on the vehicle. Misplaced remotes will be a thing of the past.

With cruise control, now you can enjoy those wide open roads more and worry less about maintaining speed. Cruise control can be disengaged easily and safely with a simple tap on the throttle.


Moboster’s ergonomically-designed carrying handle combine with its foldable carbon fiber and space-grade aluminum frame to make it extremely lightweight and portable.

Lightweight with carrying handle makes Mobster extremely portable

It's not a skateboard

Moboster doesn't tilt during turns and doesn't require any skateboarding skill to ride.

Skateboard Turn

Moboster Turn

Attachment Socket

Upgrade Port


The Attachment Socket can house on-deck accesories like handlebars or seats while the Upgrade Port extends Moboster's hardware capabilities.


Motor Dual BLDC motors
Power 3200W
Range 11.2 miles / 18 km
Uphill Start* 15% grade
Size 13.8" W x 25.6" L
Weight 13.2 lbs / 6 kg
Top Speed 10 mph *limited for safety reasons
Regenerative Braking Yes
Attachment Socket Yes
CAN Bus Upgrade Port Yes
USB Power Output Yes
Specifications are subject to change during development *Uphill start is not "uphill climb", which takes a lot less power than starting your vehicle on hills

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